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Segunda-feira, 12.09.11

9/11 Commemoration … Firegeezer is Looking In From the Outside

Fairfax County firefighters lower the flag over the Pentagon
as soldiers salute.  (Washington Post photo)
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There's something significant about 10-year anniversaries, but I'm not sure what it is. Anyway, everybody seems to be in agreement that it's enough to lead to this being the major milestone for the recognition of the tragic events of the horrible day of September 11 ten years ago when our country was attacked by a hijacked air force and two of the three bombers found their targets.
The terrible, gruesome results at the World Trade Center in New York City are beyond description. As the first firefighters on the scene were met with not just "smoke showing," but also a steady rain of falling bodies. When the nightmare was over, we had lost 343 firefighters, 60 police officers, 15 EMT's, and one bomb-sniffing dog. The magnitude of that loss was recognized immediately by firefighters everywhere because we could transfer those numbers to our own departments. Relatively few FD's even have as many as 343 firefighters total, and of the few large departments, only a handful have that many on duty each day. Yes, we could feel it because those were some of US that "bought the ranch" that day.
Of the nearly 3,000 other victims, all of them left behind families and friends without a moment's notice and the collective grief was nationwide. But many people wonder why the fire and police seem to generate so much more sympathy than the innocent office workers who also perished. It's because the average citizen doesn't comprehend the cohesiveness that firefighters and police officers have worldwide. We don't call each other Brothers and Sisters for nothing…. we are FAMILY. And while most of the other victims left perhaps a dozen total of their family members behind, each one of the police and firefighters left more than half a million of their family behind.
That's why it was so outrageous when New York's insane Mayor Bloomberg packed the seating assignments for today's Ground Zero commemoration (without once mentioning the word of God) with political appointees and selected representatives of this and that. Yes, there were some relatives of the WTC victims there, but the mayor said that unfortunately there would be no room for any firefighters or police officers. No room. Sorry. Maybe later.
Some have pointed out that ten years ago there was plenty of room for 418 first-reponders, and they weren't invited back then, either. On that one day when all the Federal goverment agencies who are supposed to protect us failed, (FBI, CIA, INS), the only agencies that worked were the local fire and police departments. But the mayor can't find enough room for them today. Plenty of room for the Federal bigwigs, though.
A couple of weeks after "the day" when the story of flight 93 came into the public, the rallying cry for the entire country emulated the brave passengers and Todd Beamer whose last words were, "Let's Roll!" Military units mobilized and a grateful populace echoed the slogan. Let's Roll! But in the New York City Hall, the slogan has become, "Let's Roll Over!" For shame.

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